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Powered by the MATE battery, the Front and Rear Lights Set, easily operated via controllers on your handlebar, combine a dual-beam front light with built-in horn and rear light with built-in brake light and indicator blinkers. A mini controller box pre-installed on your MATE operates the lights, while the button/switch controller (included) operates both horn and blinkers. Splitter cable (included) connects controller with both horn/rear blinker control switch and rear light via handy “Snap in” system.


  • Full front/rear lights
  • Built-in electric horn
  • Built-in brake and indicator lights
  • “Plug and play” cable technology
  • Easy assembly
  • Runs on 48V electric systems


  • Front dual-beam light with built-in horn
  • Rear light with built-in brake and blinker lights
  • Button/switch controller
  • Splitter cable to hook up lighting system
  • All components for full installation of front/rear lighting system
  • All cables and mounting materials

How to install MARTEE kit Vanmoof S3?

How to install MARTEE kit Vanmoof X3?

Advantages of MARTEE Wrap Film

> Complete bike protection

> Simple installation without water, without tools, without cutting
> Repositionable film
> Rain resistant film
> Removable film with NO residue

Advantages of MARTEE KIT for installation

> Allow about 1 hour of exposure, following the instructions for use
> Clean your bike before installation.
> Make sure to do the installation indoors with good light.
> Make sure the frame is not cold.
> Take your time.
> Have a hair dryer to finalize the installation and activate the glue