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Marineblaues Protect -Kit für VanMoof S5

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Order your new Protect & Custom Kit VanMoof, it will be directly delivered in your letter box or we can do the installation if you don't want to do it.

Whether you want to stand out, adopt a more understated style or protect your bike, create YOUR Vanmoof with MARTEE PROTECT KIT.

We have created a "PLUG & PLAY" kit in high quality Wrap Film, tailor-made for the Vanmoof S5 in order to guarantee simple installation and optimum visual results. The MARTEE PROTECT KIT for Vanmoof S5 consists of 19 different parts that will allow you to cover and protect more than 85% of your bike.

Wie installiere ich Martee Kit VanMoof S3?

Wie installiere ich Martee Kit VanMoof X3?

Vorteile von Martee Wrap Film

> Complete bike protection

> Simple installation without water, without tools, without cutting
> Repositionable film
> Rain resistant film
> Removable film with NO residue

Vorteile des Martee -Kits für die Installation

> Allow about 1 hour of exposure, following the instructions for use
> Clean your bike before installation.
> Make sure to do the installation indoors with good light.
> Make sure the frame is not cold.
> Take your time.
> Have a hair dryer to finalize the installation and activate the glue